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Counselling and Psychotherapy Services in Burlington

We are pleased to offer counselling and psychotherapy in the Burlington, Ontario. Our Burlington office is located within Oaklawn Mental Health Clinic.

This office provides support for children and teen’s mental health, individual psychotherapy and couple counselling.  

Burlington is a beautiful city and it is our belief that attending to the mental health of individuals and families helps strengthen communities and cities.  It is our hope that our presence in Burlington adds to the health and well being of this community. 

Our therapists have been carefully chosen to align with GreenValley’s commitment to providing therapy services that are safe, compassionate, and professional.  

We offer counselling and psychotherapy for the following concerns at our Burlington location:

Counselling Services for Adults:

• Anxiety/Stress Management

• Depression                               

• Grief/Loss and Life Transitions

• Anger management

• Work/Life Balance

• Trauma Recovery

• Emotional Regulation

• Relationship Concerns and Boundaries

• People Pleasing, difficulties saying ‘no’

• Co-dependency

• Parenting

Counselling for Teens:

• Coping with Life Challenges

• Anxiety/Stress

• Depression

• Peer related concerns

• Building Social Skills

• Intense Emotions

• Building Resilience and Confidence

• Learning to communicate and navigate conflict

• Boundaries 

 Counselling for Children:

• Anxiety, Fears

• Grief, Loss and Life Transitions

• Anger and Behavioural Concerns

• Coping with Divorce

• Peer concerns

• Regulating Intense Feelings

• Parenting Support

Couples Counselling:

• Communication

• Increased ability to work through disagreements and conflict

• Infidelity recovery

• Parenting together

• Increased intimacy

• Reconnecting 

Bora Ju, MDiv. RP

Registered Psychotherapist



  • Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Sexual Difficulties




  • Learning to identify and verbalize feelings
  • Emotional and behavioural regulation
  • Learning new ways to cope

Tired of arguing? Not feeling heard, appreciated or connected the way you once did? Bora works with couples, helping them learn how to communicate more effectively, reducing arguing, anger and negativity, helping them have the relationship they long for. She also works sensitively to help couples with their sexual health.

Bora takes a creative counselling approach in her work with children.  She has always had a natural affinity to communicating with children and focuses on creating safe spaces for children to learn how to cope and regulate their emotions.

With a non – judgmental stance, she will listen wholeheartedly and walk with you and your loved ones to navigate through the difficulties, to know that you are not alone and to reach a better place. 

Clients appreciate Bora’s warm, inviting presence and ability to connect and empathize with their struggles. .

Benjamin MacMillan, MACP, RP (Qualifying)

Registered Psychotherapist, (Qualifying)



  • Grief
  • Anger
  • Stress/Anxiety/Depression
  • Life Transitions
  • Parenting 




  • Coping with Life Challenges
  • Peer relationships and/or social skills
  • Navigating intense emotions
  • Building resilience and confidence
  • Anxiety/Depression

Is stress, fear or thoughts about the past weighing you down? Do you struggle to experience meaning and satisfaction in your daily life?  Benjamin offers a calm and encouraging space to explore your concerns in a way that is both wholistic and practical. 

He enjoys helping people to connect the dots in their lives and ensures that every person feels seen and known.  Using CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) and psychodynamic therapy, he helps people to discover hope and the tools to face even the hardest times.

Benjamin also works with teens who are feeling overwhelmed by anxiety, depressed thoughts, anger, and uncertainty.  He utilizes humour, empathy, and relatability and provides tangible ways to feel better and move forward.

Clients find Benjamin easy to connect with, warm and authentic

Michelle Bayer, MDiv. RP

Registered Psychotherapist



  • Coping with ADHD
  • OCD
  • Learning to Regulate intense emotions
  • Anxiety/Depression
  • Family changes like divorce, moving, new partners
  • Loss/Grief/Transitions
  • People Pleasing/Boundaries





  • Adult ADHD
  • Anxiety/Depression
  • People Pleasing/ Boundaries
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Relationship Challenges

Michelle’s priority in session is to create a safe space so that the client can feel seen, cared for, heard and supported.  Through a variety of research-based approaches, Michelle invites her clients to consider how their brain and body can work together to reach their goals. She helps clients learn the process of emotional regulation which involves allowing the body to sit with uncomfortable emotions, utilizing coping skills to lessen distress, and gaining insight into important information emotions convey. 


Often, women and adolescents with conditions such as ADHD have felt shame and confusion about why life can feel so difficult. Michelle educates her clients with the knowledge needed to have self-compassion and tools needed to gain order in what can feel like a chaotic life. 


With a combination of gentleness, fun and compassion, Michelle meets children where they are and allows them to feel seen and heard. Through play and art based approaches, Michelle allows children to express themselves through a language more familiar to children than words – play. For a parent, it is incredibly difficult to see your child struggle. Michelle values parents’ insight and involves them in the process so that they feel informed and equipped.

Clients appreciate Michelle’s ability to understand and empathize with difficult and complex concerns.

Burlington Office:

Located in Oaklawn Mental Health Center, 1401 Plains Rd E #1, Burlington, ON L7R 0C2


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